Forehead Aesthetics

Forehead aesthetics are operations for flattening, filling and lifting forehead.

Do I need Forehead Aesthetics?

When we talk, laugh, cry or in our daily activities we have gestures and wrinkles. When wrinkles become apparent through our gestures, and the lines become significant on the forehead we may prefer to have forehead aesthetic surgery.

How do we remove wrinkles?

If the patient does not have extra skin on the forehead and if wrinkles are not apparent except using gestures, forehead surgery is not preferable. In this case surgeons, may prefer anti-wrinkle injections so that the lines are removed and brows are lifted through these injections.

Some people have extra skin on the forehead and their lines become significant. At this stage, we prefer lifting the extra skin through or 5 cm up from hair line so that wrinkles are removed. In this way, extra skin is lifted and wrinkles disappear.

Forehead operation is also performed endoscopically on some patients. Endoscopic forehead surgeries are made through 1-2 cm incisions on the hairline and forehead skin is lifted towards hairline so that eyebrows are lifted and wrinkles are removed.

How many hours does the surgery take to perform?

It takes approximately 1 - 3 hours.

How long does it take to recover?

For 7-10 days, there will be purple spots and swelling on the face after the surgery. If skin is sutured it will be removed in 10 days.

Does the surgery leave scars?

If the surgery is performed through hairline or inside the hairline through regular incisions there will be rubor in the beginning but it will fade away as time progresses. However, endoscopic forehead surgeries leave less scars as the incisions are minor.

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